October 2014
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Greetings MechWarriors Crows,

How would you like a discount up to a 50% on select 'Mechs and Mechbays? All you'll need to do is log in with friends and play public matches over the weekend!

More info and the total score tracker HERE!

enough said...

VaggR a posted Fri at 13:19
though i really hate the right arm..they kinda fucked it up :/

DaRkInLiGhT that looks sweet, I may actually have to use it for a bit when I get it!
xenotype a Coming next patch.
Remnato a Are they in the game finally?
Crows, see the post below this one for today's 1st news message about the October Roadmap update by Russ Bullock.

Okay here are a couple examples of the IS Quirk pass that are final.

Well I should be specific that it is final for the INITIAL phase, I am positive that the complexity and depth of the quirk system will only continue to grow as we add more movement quirks, families of weapons and so on.

Although there will be many comments and opinions from players on what quirks they feel should have been given to a particular mech, I will just state again that this is the initial pass. The number one comment though is certain to be something along the lines of:

"But that isn't how I play my Hunchback 4G and therefore I won't be getting as much of a benefit"

This is true but it's how we wanted to approach this initial pass. For many chassis there ends up being very little difference between the hard points and a player may end up building those variants in a very similar way. For instance whether I am playing a Dragon 5N, 1C or 1N I generally end up building them in very much the same way.

By focusing the quirks per variant in a specific way we feel we can achieve a higher degree of success with the quirks while increasing the variety of mechs on the battlefield.

Here are some example mech's for your review to both drive the point home but also to give you a sense of what the entire pass will look like.

Hunchback 4G is designated as a Tier 5 Brawler - Because it is a brawler it can get certain types of quirks

  • Additional Armor (RT) +18
  • Additional Structure (RT) +12
  • AC/20 Range +25%
  • AC/20 Cooldown +25%
  • AC/20 Velocity +25%
  • Energy Weapon Heat Gen -12%
  • Energy Weapon Range +16%

As you can see the 4G is about the AC20 as you would expect. You can also see that the tier 5 weapon specific quirks are 25%, then you can see what the tier 5 GENERAL energy weapon quirks top out at. This quirk set will leave the player some flexibility on what type of energy weapons you choose to take out.

Hunchback 4H is designated a Tier 4 Skirmisher

  • Additional Armor (RT) +18
  • Additional Structure (RT) +12
  • AC/10 Range +20%
  • AC/10 Cooldown +20%
  • Medium Laser Cooldown +20%
  • Medium Laser Heat Gen -20%

In this case you can see that a Tier 4 mech can have 4 quirks rather than the 5. Now it is intentional that we made the 4H all about the AC10 to really separate it out from the 4G so one does not make the other useless. You can also see that tier 4 weapon specific quirks top out at 20%

Now in either case if you say "I only run AC5's" yes it is true you will not take on all of the benefits of these quirks, but you will still get the great buffs to the RT both in armor and Internals now, as well as the energy/medium laser buffs on these two mech's.

One more example:

Awesome 8Q - Tier 5 Support

  • Structure Strength CT +20
  • Structure Strength LT +10
  • Structure Strength RT +10
  • PPC Heat Generation -25%
  • PPC Range +25%
  • PPC Velocity +25%
  • PPC Cooldown +25%
  • Laser Duration -16%

Rightfully all about the PPC receiving 4 tier 5 weapon specific quirks for the PPC as well as a tier 5 laser duration quirk. Also notice the significant internal structure quirks for the CT, RT and LT to protect that large barn door frame.

I hope this information will help you wait until this huge update can go live on Nov 4th.

SharpEye4XX a I honestly can't wait to see it on Nov the 4th. ...
sp4rtan It has begun the IS strikes back


Updated Reward System

ETA: Oct 21st - looking good for Oct 21st - will have confirmation in the next 24 hours.

IS Quirk System

ETA: Nov 4th patch - Didn't quite make the Oct 21st patch but we aim to have a final release candidate by the end of the week which will ensure it for the Nov 4th patch.

OmniPod JJ Changes

ETA: Oct 21st patch - I will know in the next 24 hours if this is confirmed for Oct 21st or not.

Jumpjet Turn Rate changes

ETA: Unknown - critical engine issue discovered with an "on the ground" flag interfering with this change - for this is tabled and mech's ability to turn in the air while firing JJ will continue to be determined solely by their engine size. Proper integration TBD.

Jump Jet Thrust Changes

ETA: Oct 21st patch.

Fall Damage

ETA: Oct 7th patch. - Integrated Oct 7th - bug fixes in for Oct 21st - same values but they currently dont work in Testing grounds - will be fixed for Oct 21st.

Paul Inouye goes over some pretty interesting updates on CW, including animated drop ships in Drop Ship Mode, ejecting (animated!), and more interesting facts so you know what to expect from CW when it gets released.

Official MWO Forum post

Reddit page, featuring Q&A in the comments (the reply with the bits of text in bold)

Announcement of